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by Cristina Chow

The Beauty Between Humans & Canines

The Beauty Between Humans & Canines


Nikki & Bailey

“Bailey is a Husky/Lab from the Northern Quebec community called Waskaganish. He was a rescue at 5 weeks old and desperately needing a home. So, I temporarily adopted him with plans to bring him to a shelter. He worked his way into my heart and very soon I realized it would be impossible to leave his side. We were soulmates and we haven't left each other since 2012.”


noortje & canyon

“Canyon is an assistance dog in training who is being raised by Noortje and John, who are volunteers for the Pacific Assistance Dogs Society (PADS). Whether or not he'll become a dog with a job is up to him: the dog ultimately decides!”


Erica & Lola

4 months old, Rescue from Taiwan


Jasmine & Chewie

“Chewie is a mystery mixed breed who came from an Arizona high kill shelter. He was rescued by Pb and Chi, then several foster homes and eventually found his forever home with us. We’ve never been happier! He’s the best dog ever and is bonding so well with my toddler son. They love each other so much!”


Sam & miloh

“His dad is a champion dog but Miloh is a huge goofball. He hides by sticking his snout under the ottoman because he thinks if he can’t see you, you can’t see him.”


Samantha & Taz

“Taz was rescued as a puppy from the SPCA almost eight years ago. Despite numerous physical problems over his life, he’s the happiest dog you’ll ever meet! His favourite pastimes include napping, chasing bees, and sitting in the sun.”


Sophia & mous

“Mous is from Reunion Island. I adopted him when he was 1 year old. His previous owners did not want him anymore as he was too hyper. I have to admit that a few times I asked myself if it was a good idea to take him. But 11 years later, I am so happy that I made this decision: he is the best sweetest dog ever!! he has so much love to give. Five years ago we moved to Canada, and my little Mous had become a perfect little Canadian dog!!”


Felix & Guinness

“Guinness came to us from an organization that rescues puppies from shelters in California. It changed our lives when we brought him home and we're extremely happy to have him in our family. Guinness is such a goof. We hate his stupid fur all over our floor but we love his waggly tail and he makes our family happy.”


Caitlin & dolly

9 years old, Came all the way from Toronto.


Layla & Millie

“I had been looking to adopt a dog for a few years but hadn't found the right one. A friend of mine was connected to a rescue in the Dominican. They posted a photo of Millie and her sister saying they were up for adoption, and I couldn't resist applying! A local had asked the rescue to take the two puppies after finding them on the side of the road. Within a week the adoption was finalized, and a few weeks later she was in Vancouver with me. She is so smart, loving, and loyal. I've fostered many rescue dogs and I've never had one in my care that behaved so well right off the bat - she's perfect.”