Leviosa Minds Photography
by Cristina Chow



Who’s behind the lens?

Born in Hong Kong and moved to Canada when she was just nine years old, Cristina has travelled and experienced many different landscapes, cultures and people. It was until she moved from Vancouver to Toronto for university and turned to photography as a creative outlet. What started out to be a love for urban landscapes quickly turned into a love for human interaction through the lens.

She is now focused and furthered her talents in the worlds of Portraiture, Events and Commercial photography. Actors, actresses, models and professionals are many of the people whom Cristina has worked with. Brands including Welly Merck, BRIMZ Hat Co. and Crowned Princess Entertainment are clients Cristina has worked with during the last year. And more recently Cristina has photographed many events such as marathons, weddings, and showcases. She has worked with various creatives and talents in British Columbia and Ontario and she hopes to continue to meet and work with many more talents from Canada and hopefully, one day, from around the world.

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